OMRM 136

  • General Description
OMRM 136- Corner Crimping Machine for Aluminium Profiles
Pneumatic working principle
  • 2 universal heads supplied with knifes adjustable in 3 axes
  • Pneumatic crimping via lever system ensures synchronous movement of the punching heads
  • Universal hydro pneumatic drop-away stop for easier handling of the frames
  • Horizontal and drop-away wedge-shaped clamp ensures correct alignment and gripping of the profiles which are mated during the crimping phases
  • 3 vertical pneumatic clamps ensure correct positioning and gripping of the profiles in the machine
  • Crimping head with knife kit ensures fine position adjustment; it features a quick clamping / unclamping system and is fully adaptable to any series of workable profiles
  • Alignment of frame with side stops
  • Hydro pneumatic locking of the stop
  • 2 footswitch control
  • 2 pairs of standard crimping knives 4/6 mm
  • Supporting arms for profiles (right & left)
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