About Us



In line with the growing demands to large engineering, powering and manufacturing industrial projects for infrastructure and new developments, MK Factories Equip , has invested in its resources to meet requirement as per industrial project for High Quality Tools, Equipment & machinery and upgraded its fleet of equipment in preparation to participate in upcoming diverse projects.

MK Factories Equip played its valued role in the field Hi Tech Fabrication Machinery trading company , in the same time through the course of 02-decades expertise in the field of Steel Fabrication Machinery solution we have develop our infrastructure/Facility to develop new machines particularly Heavy Duty Press Brake, Shearing , Band Saw, V-Cutting , H-Beam Drilling Solution & Section Bending and grew into the market as a diverse company mainly through expansion & developing the Machines by getting customer feedback from the market.

Today MK Factories Equip. emerge as a leader in Gulf market particularly in United Arab Emirates. MK Factories Equip was dedicated to constantly meet the demands of the growing needs of the local market, during time it gained an outstanding reputation for fast, reliable and cost effective results. Due to its evolving success, MK Factories Equip. developing its infrastructure as per customer demands & new Industrial requirement for cost effective Machine with complete Fabrication Solutions.

Our Values System

We Provide Solutions, Not Just Products


Our core goal/objective to monitor continuous improvement through learning and development

Business Scope :

Design, Fabrication Solutions & Supply of high quality machines to end user in the field of large Structural Engineering along with medium size engineering Services. We are on of the leading Mechanical and Structural fabrication and engineers in UAE, developing a fully-equipped facility to ensure high quality fabrication machines . MK Factory is equipped with modern and advance technological knowledge for the manufacturing /developing steel fabrication machines for structures.

We are specialized in machineries for medium and large Projects Steel Fabrications and infrastructure development. We are one of the fast growing companies along with project supply and procurement management for large engineering, powering and manufacturing industrial projects. The company is based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

MK Factories Equip. is one of the pioneering companies in supplying various kinds of machineries in United Arab Emirates along with GCC.

The prime objective of the company is to provide service to end users of heavy machinery and electrical equipment by sourcing their needed items from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M), hence saving high markups and overhead charges of the O.E.M. The merit of our company is to offer a comprehensive service (Design, Fabrication solution & Supply of high quality machines to end user) in the field of Structural Engineering along with medium size engineering Services.

We can ensure timely project completion, end-to-end quality management and budget control. Our every employee believes value engineering is an important part of our work, and we provide solutions, not just products. Our teams of qualified, experienced engineers and technicians and business professionals can create and build to client specifications, whatever the challenge. Our clients are ensured the highest levels of product quality and workmanship including on-time completion.


To be referred as the most favorable company for large engineering, powering and manufacturing industries in metal infrastructure with technical support solutions.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide high quality service/ product combined with trusted client partnership, and to maintain high quality solutions to the client’s need.