OMRM 117Copy Router PVC Profiles

  • General Description
OMRM 117 – Copy Router with Triple Drilling for PVC Profiles
Two independent routing units, one horizontal and one vertical
  • Horizontal unit, three holes with fixed spacing can be drilled
  • Vertical unit can be used for the copy routing with the copying template
  • Movement on recalculating ball bearings, ensure great stability and precision to the head unit, making it possible to work on every kind of Aluminium and PVC profiles
  • Smooth movement of units is carried out with shock absorbers
  • Scale of copy-milling operation 1:1
  • Horizontal pneumatic clamping kit
  • Adjustable operation depth
  • 4-position rotating star-type depth adjustment device for copy-milling
  • Side length stop
  • Cooling system for Aluminium profile cutting
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